Telephone Sales And Marketing At Its’ Worst

On the rare occasions when I am in my office and not too busy, I quiz for all cold call calls to be put through to me. I sometimes record them and play them retreat to the owners or directors of the companies for whom these people are working. That can generate me few ace inquiries for training.

Here are a join from examples like what I veteran in the last twosome of weeks...

From a CCTV company...

They: "Is that (ma name)?"

Me: "Yes"

They: "How are you today?" (I merely hate that question from a total stranger on a cold call)

Me: "Absolutely tremendous acknowledge you"

They: "Wonderful". (That's not unusual either - they often don't listen)

Me: "I'm glad you're pleased I'm sick. Who are you from and how can I help you?"

They: "I'm calling from the XYZ Company - would you be interested in buying CCTV?"

Me: "No thank you"

They: Hung up!

Here is another...

They: "Good morning. Are you the owner?"

Me: "No - who are you calling from?"

They: "Can you put me through to the owner?"

Me: "If you receptacle tell me who you are calling from and what it is in connection with, I'll see if they will take your call"

They: "It's private. I can however tell the owner who I'm calling from"

Me: "So how do we get around this? I know they won't take your call unless I can say them what it's about. Are you sure you can't tell me?"

They: "Can't do that. I can only consult to the owner"

Me: "Tell you what. Why don't we pretend I am the owner. Your boss will never know I'm not. Then you can acquaint mij what it's about plus consequently I can tell the owner polysyndeton maybe they will peroration to you"

LONG PAUSE before they hung up.

You would think that this standard about telemarketing would have vanished. But NO! - it flourishes. My secretary tells me she gets at least fifteen or more calls like a congruous quality every week. It's not wonder cold-calling irritates quite many people and gets such poor results. Worst of everyone it reflects badly on the sales profession as a whole.

Next time you get an appalling cold call, and if it is from a large organization, instead of putting the telephone down, ask for the sales director's name. Call them, tell them how you felt and question them if they would like to speak to me and find out how they can improve their results significantly. Pass me their contact specifications and I assure you I am very happy to pay you a generous commission on any introductions that result in me or number of my associates being hired to re-train their organization.